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October 2011 Entries

Occupy BayStreet–What’s the Point Again?

We’ve all been inundated with images from the various Occupy Wallstreet demonstrations that have been occurring throughout the United States. Hordes of people frustrated with how their country’s financial systems have imploded due to corporate greed. I’m not American, so really I can’t comment on the situation – its an internal family issue that’s really none of my business. After all, Canada’s economy weathered the global recession very well and we avoided the disaster that befell other countries. ......

Announcing Prairie Dev Con West in Calgary March 2012!

I’m very excited to announce that we’ll be bringing the Prairie Developer Conference to Alberta in early 2012! I started Prairie Developer Conference in Regina in 2010 as an option to high cost remote conferences, and its become a huge success! With the announcement that Microsoft TechDays won’t be returning to Alberta this year, I think Prairie Dev Con can definitely fill that gap and provide Albertans with a fantastic professional development opportunity! Here are the details: When: March 13 – ......

Winnipeg Code Camp 2012 Date

If you’re a software dev in Winnipeg, make sure to mark Saturday Feb 25th 2012 on your calendar as that’s when the Winnipeg Code Camp will be happening!

No other info right now other than it’ll be at the Red River Campus again and we’ll likely be running four rooms throughout the day.


Thoughts on Steve Jobs Death from a Non-Mac Fanboi

In the hours since Steve Jobs death was announced, the world has seemingly fallen into a conjoined state of mourning…well, at least according to my Twitter feed. Quotes Steve made over the years fill the stream, along with reports of people gathering at Apple stores with some garnering memorials outside their doors. Very rarely has someone from the corporate world garnered such a response to their passing. Even more rarely does a corporate individual get a statement from the US President. But its ......