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ToysRUs.ca Bait and Switch – In Stock Might Not Mean In Stock

Sunday, December 8, 2013 9:05 AM

*Note: Scroll below to see updates to this blog post*

This morning I put in an order with ToysRUs.ca. I bought three items, all which were shown to be in stock. I qualified for the free shipping option.


I submitted my order and received the confirmation screen, where I was shown this:


This item was shown to be in stock when I ordered it, but after I processed the order it magically wasn’t?! And of course, because I fell below the minimum for free shipping I was now charged the shipping amount. I’d rather pay for product than shipping.

ToysRUs Canada, you need to fix this flaw in your system!

Update - Dec 11 2013

I tried to call on Monday to cancel the order. Both times I called I was quoted by the automatic system wait times of 25 and 35 minutes. That's right - 25 or 35 minutes to cancel an order because I couldn't cancel it online.

This morning I received a shipping confirmation via email. So for some reason I couldn't cancel my order online for 3 days?! Horrible! But wait, it gets worse...

They only shipped *one* of my items even though both were listed as being in stock. I had resigned myself to eating the shipping charge and just returning the items when I received them (note: I went to a ToysRUs furthest from where I live and they were fully stocked of all three items I wanted, so I just picked them up there), but I have a feeling I'm going to get hit with two shipping charges; not cool at all!

Watch for another update on this. I'm also hoping that the Toys R Us Canada Twitter account responds to my tweets, but it looks like there's a list of people they need to get back to.

Update - Dec 11 2013 11:17 AM

I came to work this morning to find my one item had been delivered this morning. Wait...so I get a shipping confirmation and a few hours later I get it delivered?! Shouldn't the shipping confirmation have been emailed WHEN IT SHIPPED?!?! Sigh...


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