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ASP.NET Trends for 2014

Thursday, December 19, 2013 10:49 AM

I had a co-worker ask me about what areas of the Microsoft stack he should focus on for 2014, specifically around the development/services space. Here’s what I told him.

OWIN (Open Web Interface for .NET)

From the project’s GitHub FAQ:

OWIN, or the Open Web Interface for .NET, defines a common interface that decouples web applications from web servers.

OWIN defines the structure and requirements of HTTP request and response interactions. The assembly codifies the definitions in the spec to allow you to avoid using type aliases in all of your files.

The primary benefit is that by using OWIN, you decouple your application from a specific web or application server. This means you can run your application on broader number of platforms more easily. The Kayak web server, for example, runs well on *nix systems using Mono. The command line Katana.exe also allows developers using *nix systems to run .NET web applications without jumping into a VM.

OWIN is the cornerstone of a new era of “Middleware” (a buzzword you’ll be hearing throughout 2014). Microsoft already has a set of components for building/hosting OWIN-based web apps called Katana (check out the project page for Katana here).

Here’s a great article that gives an overview of Katana (and some background on why Katana is needed and where it fits in the ASP.NET ecosystem): http://www.asp.net/aspnet/overview/owin-and-katana/an-overview-of-project-katana

Also here’s an article on how to get started with Katana: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/dn451439.aspx


SignalR is the go-to library for adding real-time-web features to your ASP.NET applications. As more applications move to a single-page model and/or leverage JavaScript libraries, real-time-web becomes more of a necessity and less of a nice-to-have. SignalR has become hugely popular and should be on every ASP.NET developer’s technology radar.

My buddy James Chambers put together a great list of resources around SignalR on his blog:

  • The source for SignalR basics – http://asp.net/signalr
  • Follow the SignalR tribe on the Twitter – @SignalR
  • Done your homework and still needing help? – http://jabbr.net (join the SignalR room)
    • ASP.NET Web API
      Simpler, lightweight, REST based services is where the web is going. Web API allows this to happen within ASP.NET MVC without the heavy lifting that WCF requires.
    Azure is here to stay and Microsoft is going to continue making the cloud part of the development story here in the 2010’s. I don’t think traditional application/web hosting will go away immediately, but we will see an evolution of those business models. Azure definitely has the richest feature set of all cloud offerings from a development point of view and has huge horsepower in its development team headed up by VP Scott Guthrie.



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