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November 2011 Entries

Azure Florida Association

Herve Roggero, SQL Azure MVP,  has created a virtual community to focus on Azure. Here is the outline from Herve:


User Group Name:  Azure Florida Association

Purpose: Start a virtual Florida user group that targets the Azure platform

Venues: Most meetings will be virtual; however I plan to host a few physical events across Florida if possible from time to time; physical events may be a few hours long with potentially more than one speaker

Possible Topics: The topics will touch Azure generally speaking, but can have a wide array of concern such as Integration, Data Migration, Hosting, Security, Scalability, Mobile Device integration, successful ventures/lessons learned, cross cloud integration patterns, testing in the cloud, deployment management, reporting…

Target Members: Architects, Developers, IT Managers

Membership: Membership will be free; virtual events will be free; physical events may involve a minimal cover charge

Speakers: If you are interested in speaking or if you have topic ideas, please let me know

Frequency: Initially these meetings will be held every other month


The first meeting will be held on January 25, 2012 at 4PM EST. Vikas Sahni, SQL Azure MVP, will be presenting on Demystifying SQL Azure. Vikas will introduce SQL Azure, value proposition, usage scenarios, concepts and architecture, what is there and what is not, including Tips and Tricks. 

The actual meeting link will be available in January but please join the linked in group now to be kept informed of this and future events: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=4177626.