We held out 9th annual South Florida Code Camp on 2/9/2013. Unlike past years, instead of stuffing bags with brochures and papers from the vendors, we bought 700 2gb USB keys and had all the vendors send us information, software, links and files to put on the USB key.

This was a great success.. but how about making it public too?

I setup a folder on my skydrive:


Then I renamed the new folder, selected it and clicked on the sharing button at the top:



By clicking on “People with a view link” I created a link I could share with all the code camp attendees to allow them access to the content. If you click on “Shorten” you will be a very usable and short link. After you copy the link, you can click on “Done” and distribute or post the link.

Then I realized there was more I could put there. Besides the USB content from sponsors I created directories for the speakers and a place to put all the photos we collect.


This was quick and easy, now I’m wondering why I did not do this before!

Feel free to browse the code camp skydrive here with the shortened link: http://sdrv.ms/122eAdh