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Added on January 19,2012

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Last week, I was interviewed by Zandra Nilocas from Microsoft Philippines. It was my first time experience to talk about something in front of the camera so it's not surprising that I looked like an idiot in that interview (you know swiveling my chair back and forth without noticing it). 

Anyway in the interview we talked about ASP.NET WebForms, MVC and Web Matrix in general and just to elaborate a bit of what we talked about and to clarify things out, I have decided to write this post... WebForms and MVC are two approaches for building ASP.NET applications. Both are good choices and both have their place in the market. WebForms is a development approach for Rapid Applications in which you can take advantage of the design surface, powerful server controls and components. So if you are familiar with drag-and-drop and event driven model or if you are coming from a Windows Application development and want to jump on web development then you can start with WebForms.  ASP.NET MVC on the other hand is another approach for building up dynamic web applications and provides a clean separation of concerns (the Model, the View and the Controller) and gives you full control over your codes, HTTP, Request, Response, JavaScripts, CSS, HTML, Get and Post and so on...Aside from WebForms and MVC there's another web development tool from Microsoft called WebMatrix and it's absolutely free . It is basically designed to provide easier entry into ASP.NET development - especially for those used to scripting technologies like PHP and classic ASP or those completely new to dynamic web development. With WebMatrix you can easily build a dynamic website within less than an hour because everything you need for web development is bundled into one including IIS Express, IDE, Sql Server Compact Edition, Razor, and a new programming Framework - Web Pages. It also provides a lot of built-in web templates that you can use.

Now which development approach would I follow?

Well the answer depends on the business needs. Again all approach are good choices but here's what I would like to suggest:

  • If you are a windows application developer (I'm actually referring to VB6 or .Net windows forms programmers) and want to get started with ASP.NET then you can start working with WebForms.
  • If you wanted to build up web applications in just a short amount of time then you can go for WebForms.
  • If you are coming from  a classic ASP, PHP or even WebForms and wanted to embrace the web, value unit testing, separation of concerns then you can go for MVC.
  • If you are an experienced WebForm developer and wanted to know the real web development then you should get to know MVC.
  • If you used PHP or classic ASP before, love scripting and wanted to enter the ASP.NET world then you go for WebMatrix.
  • If you wanted to build up web applications in just a short amount of time and you are already familiar with scripting technologies such as PHP or classic ASP then you go for WebMatrix.


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