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Just a quick tip: in case you are trying to register your windows phone 7 as a developer phone (so that you can deploy your app on it and debug directly on the device from Visual Studio 2010) and get the "Error communicating with the developer portal 0x64" error you might want to check that the regional settings for the Windows Live ID you're using are the same as the regional settings of your development machine where you're running the registration tool.

In my case the Windows Live ID was set to US, but the local machine's regional settings (location) were set to Switzerland. Setting them to US made the registration tool work. The actual hint to find the problem came from Zune, which displayed a much more explicit error message when logging in.

Now I'm only sad because I wasted two days because of this somewhat ambigous error message, I had thought that I couldn't register the phone because the Windows Marketplace verification process was not yet complete, but in fact the problem was in the regional settings.

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