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One performance issue i faced at a recent project was with the way that our constraints were being managed, we were using Subsonic as our ORM, and it has a useful tool for generating your ORM code called SubStage – once configured, you can regenerate your DAL code easily based on your database schema, and it can even be integrated into your build as a pre-build event if you want to do this. SubStage also offers the useful feature of being able to generate DDL scripts for your entire database, a

During a recent project, while waiting for our Development Database to be provisioned on the clients corporate SQL Server Environment (these things can sometimes take weeks or months to be setup), we began our initial development against a local instance on SQL Server Express, just as an interim measure until the Development database was live. This was going just fine, until we found that we needed to do some profiling to understand a problem we were having with the performance of our ORM ge

Here are some excellent links for anyone developing for Windows Phone 7: J.D. Meier’s Windows Phone Developer Guidance Map – this is immense. Also check out the Silverlight version Justin Angel’s site – some really great articles on unlocked roms, automation and Continuous Integration Windows Phone 7 Development Best Practices Wiki Jeff Blankenburg’s 31 days of Windows Phone 7 This post of Links to sample code for Windows Phone Tim Heuers blog, particularly this post of Tips and Tr

The Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone adds some great extra controls for Windows Phone 7, one gotcha that I ran into was that the DatePicker Application Bar icons don’t show up unless you include them in your project.

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