June 2009 Entries

Sounds in a Surface application

Tags: Surface I have a confession to make. Never in my life have I ever felt the need to include sound effects in my applications. I have been programming professionaly for over 16 years and it has never happened to me that my manager or a customer walked up to me and said “Dennis, please add a whooshing sound to this button so I know that I clicked it.” I am sure that goes for the most of you. Well, at least the people who write LOB systems. After all, it would be quite disturbing to have a, let’s ......

Surface in the Netherlands

Sometimes I get the feeling the Dutch are pretty much of a gadget freak. Somehow we are always one of the firsts to try out new things, to play with new toys and to advocate new technologies. Since we have quite a small population (about 16 million people) I find it rather amazing that everytime there is something new and cool, you’ll always find some Dutch there. Same goes for Surface. Dr. Neil Roodyn told me once that no matter where he gave his Surface training, there was always at least one Dutch ......


My english blog has landed. Although I have been blogging in Dutch for quite a while now, it’s time to change gears a bit. I will continue to blog on my original blog site (which is http://www.dotned.nl ) but I will also post stuff here which might be of interested to a larger audience.

Being a C# MVP means I will talk about Visual Studio .net, C# but mostly about Microsoft Surface.

So stay tuned!