What is a Hi-Dad MVP?


I am one. Not that that tells you anything. Ok, title of this post is not the official MVP title I have, but it helps me remember it. Officially, I am a Hardware Interaction Design and Development MVP. Hi-Dad is just a bit shorter.

In the old days you were a Most Valuable Professional (in case you were wondering what the MVP stands for) for a product of Microsoft. There are Windows XP MVP's, Excel MVP's, Visual C# MVP's and so on. However, the team behind all this learned that it doesn't always make sense to couple awards to products. This was particularly the case in my area. I was the number two in the world to get the Surface MVP award. Surface, as you probably know, was the old name of the big 'touch' device. I am indeed working a lot with that device and also very vocal about it. I write, speak and present about it. I am a true advocate. But what I love about Surface is the whole new way of working with computers. The world of Natural User Interfaces is in my eyes a revolution. A revolution that doesn't stop at being used in the big touch device we used to call Surface. So I talked about NUI a lot. I talked about Metro a lot. I talked about improving the ways of communications between people and devices a lot and how we can improve this.

And then Microsoft 'stole' the Surface brand name. They moved it from the big table device to a small, extremely cool looking slate. Of course, that meant that the device had to get a new name. They decided to call the Surface technology after the name of the display technology used in the second generation devices: PixelSense. Now, as an MVP that left me wondering: am I now a PixelSense MVP? The team quickly informed us that that wasn't going to be the case. They were looking into a new name that would fit what we do in our day to day work better. And after some time they came up with the surprising new name Hardware Interaction Design and Development MVP. Surprising since this is a name that has nothing to do with a product. It's a philosophy.

I am really happy with my new title. As I said, this is the area I really feel at home with. I found out that because of my background I am extremely good at translating user wishes into modern and new ways of interacting with devices. Touch is a completely new way of interacting with hardware and most developers don't get that. Because of all my work in the last 6 years with Surface I do get this. I never expected that my extensive knowledge in that area would be so important with the new tools, operating systems and devices that are coming out this year but it looks like all the pieces are falling into place.

This is going to be a very interesting year. I really do look forward to working with you all on your new projects for the new devices and environments!

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