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Performing Composite Operations on Oracle Database is very similar to SQL Server Database. I just want to point out one mistake developers might easily make during the send port configuration. For any composite operation, the generated binding script doesn't include the composition operation tag in SOAP action header, therefore a new line needs to be manually added for each composite operation during the send port configuration.

For WCF SQL Adapter, it looks like
 <Operation Name="CompositeOperationName" Action="CompositeOperation" />

But if you do the same thing when you configure WCF Oracle adapter, you will receive "Argument CompositeOperation is invalid" error in event log at runtime.

The right format for Oracle adapter should look like

 <Operation Name="CompositeOperationName" Action="http://Microsoft.LobServices.OracleDB/2007/03/CompositeOperation" />
The difference is for Oracle you need to add namespace before "CompositeOperation". It makes sense bacause this is a Microsoft product and SQL Server Adapter is the default adapter, so only SQL Server Adapter doesn't require namespace.

For a complete reference on how to performing composite operations on Oracle database could be found here on MSDN.

...Edmund Zhao

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