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August for some reason has been the busiest month I recall in a while.  It has had a good doze of the products I love to work with, and it has given me the opportunity to get into one more, Azure.

There has been BizTalk Server, SharePoint, SQL Server and Team Foundation Server and the surrounding tools.  But I have been enjoying working with Azure.  It’s a nice complexity full of good stuff (so far).

In working with a client’s deployment the task came to needing to monitor the implementation.  And since I am not the developer in this, I am the admin, it became a tad odd for the developers to be receiving code from an “admin” dude; mind you I have done Microsoft app/web dev for the last 18 years.

Quickly discovered that even though Azure logs data, it is not persisted until you tell it to.  But, then again there are some pretty cool tools, like Cerebrata’s Azure Diagnostics Manager that will just work in an amazing way. Thank you to Gaurav Mantri for pointing out those tools.

To make sure there is a fair assessment on the Azure MMC and Cerebrata, I will make my first posts in September do just that.

So, we say goodbye to a great month of August and hope to have a great September as well, maybe a little cooler … but that is up to a different type of cloud to help.

Posted on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 11:02 PM Misc , Azure | Back to top

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