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Nice Surprise of the week: WinFS hits Beta 1

Check out the channel9 video:   Of note, check out the cool timeline app thats basically a “proof of concept“ app, but it looks cooler than anything I've ever seen (including those useless but visually stunning 3D GUIs in movies!)

This is exciting... WinFS has hit its first Beta, releasing bits to MSDN subscribers.

This is something I've personally been waiting/planning for a bit, whereas most of the projects I've been involved with, I've tried to steer the object model to at least be nominally similar to WinFS future typing (especially the Contact schemas)   Sometimes, I got myself into trouble trying to model an object model off of something that barely existed to begin with, but the result will be the same... these apps will hopefully be ready for minor type changes to then start using WinFS as their underlying storage.

The second best part is the pluggable architecture for interpreting existing file types, like MP3's and so forth.  The engine will read the mp3 for artist/track/title, and link that meta data in its query engine to the actual file blob.  Start fanning out and writing these “blob interpreters” for this data, and it'll be winfs capable... and thats just cool too.

The most exciting aspect is the new crop of applications that will be able to share its data with other apps. 

  • a photo editing suite can easily associate pictures of the family trip with sending out email updates anytime new pictures are added.
  • a contact management system could make all your contacts available for sending email

So as soon as this download is done, you-know-who is gonna start dissecting it.

Some of us may remember the inclusion/reliance on the ObjectSpaces framework, an OR-Mapping framework, and from the video, they've said there's some changes.  Basically they said that OPath is not going to be used anymore, in favor of SQL.  I'm a little curious as to how SQL can map to deep object hierarchies, but perhaps with each “Type” as a “Table” you can still do all the joins and such of regular relation SQL to be able to create meaningful queries that aren't hard for most to write.  (Although I would think they'd keep OPath around)

Users (including myself) of Paul Wilson's ORMapper project should note that OPath is a great way of building queries with objects, but perhaps the smart guys at Microsoft have something up their sleeves.

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