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OT Katrina devastation

We all knew it would happen.  We knew a hurricane was due to come along.   We knew it would upset the offshore oil drilling platforms, and most likely cause a supply burp.  We thought that hurricane's name was Ivan. 

And now we have the real hurricane that caused even more chaos.  Hurricane Katrina roars through Bourbon St as a Category 5 Hurricane, the strongest on the scale with any definition... the amount of water literally shoved into what is considered a bowl surrounded by a wall of levees.  Portions of the city could be faced with over 30 feet of standing water before the pumps even get started.

Since Katrina has basically cut our refining capacity down by 95%, there's ironically no supply problem with crude (ie, the oil that comes from the oil fields in the mid-east Oil fields and wherever) but now there's a serious refinement capacity problem.  Gas prices will easily hit $3 within a week. 

And now the levee to the surrounding lake (lake name) has broken, releasing the lake's already above normal levels water capacity into the heart of New Orleans.  Talk about nasty water... how about gasoline (from flooded cars' tanks) and chemicals from a hardware store nearby. 

It has been said that this is our “Indonesian tsunami”  Probably, and those people are gonna need a lot of help.

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