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CodeSmith NHibernate templates

...Are spitting out invalid markup...  For instance, nhibernate's schema has moved to a version 2.2. whereas CodeSmith's NHibernate templates are still spitting out 2.0...

Anybody worked with them?

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# re: CodeSmith NHibernate templates

If you are revering to the NHibernate template from, then you are correct.

That template is producing classes and mappings for NHibernate version 1.0, not the new version 1.2.

To work around this issue you will need to modify the template along the lines of the NHibernate 1.0 to 1.2 migration guide (
7/26/2007 2:40 AM | Jason Whitehorn

# re: CodeSmith NHibernate templates

create programe
3/16/2008 10:41 AM | liuhongbing
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