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January 2012 Entries

Style sheet strong arm: Reset.css versus Normalization.css
I have a pet peeve: designers that always start with reset.css stylesheet. There are so many flaws with this approach:all styles... all elements, everything, is reset to padding 0, margin 0, font-size: 100% (whatever that means) and so forth. So utilizing an h1 requires "restyling" an h1 to be somewhat bigger, somewhat bolder than the average text. And make that bigger and bolder than h2, and likewise h3, and likewise h4, h5, and h6.the css inheritance chain is difficult to navigate. Since the reset.css ......

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Rejuvenate the blog
Time to rejuvenate the blog. Many things afoot in the world of developement.Of note,MVC 4 RC is coming out soon. Eh, I don't really see much new there. A couple of interesting additions but like I said... eh.Umbraco 5 RC2 was released. You can get it at Umbraco is a very nice CMS that runs on top of ASP.Net, and version 5 has been signifigantly rewritten to run on the MVC framework. The existing Umbraco 4.7.1 is still a respectable CMS, and there's lots of community-built ......

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