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ET's VS and TFS World Fascinating tidbits about VS and TFS and .NET (well I hope...) September 2005 Entries
Team Fondation Server 2005 B3 on a DC, Watch out for the pre-requisite products installation order!
Ok like promised here are a few thing to do in order to successfully create a Single Server install of Team Foundation Server B3. Follow the documentation available on the DVD and also available here it has been greatly updated since the last release and has some good information. What I used to do was to create a Virtual Machine with Windows 2003 Server SP1 (apply Windows Update) and then promote to a DC. Install IIS, then install SQL Server 2005, Windows Sharepoint Services and Finally the ATDT ......

Posted On Friday, September 23, 2005 5:29 PM

Overall impressions of Team Fondation Server 2005 B3
Well B3 of TFS is now available on MSDN. I've been installing and testing builds leading to B3 for the last 3 weeks and B3 is solid. There are so many more feature than B2. On of the new cool things is the Source Control Proxy server. This server basically caches files "gotten" by the first user, then all subsequent "get" are super fast. This server is designed to be used in a WAN scenario between two location that share a low bandwidth line. I'm sure you'll like if your in this situation. VSS was ......

Posted On Friday, September 23, 2005 5:03 PM

Multiple input for Unit Test Case
I was just reading Marc Lehmann post on Code Coverage and I agree with him that a single pass through your code will give you 100% coverage but it doesn't mean you extensively tested the boundaries of your code. So with this in mind, I'll show you how to setup a link to a database where you can use a table to feed your unit test with all the test cases you need to fully test you code. The unit testing framework of Team System lets you connect to a table and run the same test once for each row in ......

Posted On Thursday, September 22, 2005 8:26 PM

VSTS B3 is done and will be available shorty on MSDN
Well this is not really a scoop since it's been blogged about a lot in the last 24 hours by Sam Gentile here Jeff Beehler here and Eric Lee here... but since it's my first post on Geekswithblogs I wanted to let everyone know what my interests where. I love development in .NET. The platform is so empowering its incredible the things you can do with it. .NET 2.0 will be even better and cooler. I have the privilege to be able to work with the Team System product group as part of my daily job, and I ......

Posted On Thursday, September 22, 2005 11:11 AM

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