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I’ve been meaning to blog for the last couple of year but it’s been really hard with work.  I’m challenging myself to write more this year and also do some vlogs I’d like to record some 5-10 min videos explaining how to do something.  I feel we live a world right now where 1h webcast are just too long, I usually tune out after 5-10m.  So I’ll try to solving little thing with examples in that timeframe to help you guys fix/enable some functionality in TFS.

I’m very happy to be renewed for the 10th year, this award has defined me personally and professionally and I’m grateful to Microsoft for making this happen.  I’ve meet great people, most of them friends now throughout the years and that has really helped me in my career and in life.

Too many people to thank. Community work is hard, it’s usually over and above your day job but it can be very rewarding.  The gratitude you get from the people you help can’t be measured and in fact shouldn’t if I was going this for the awards I wouldn’t do it.  I do it because there are so much stuff to do that sharing just makes senses, it gives me more time to learn more stuff.  Being a gatekeeper is the worst think you can be and can do professionally, you’re locking yourself in a job and basically stopping you chance of growth. 

Share you’ll feel good about it.

Anyway got to go, many thanks to Microsoft and my fellow MVPs looking forward to seeing you in Seattle at the Summit.



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Bravo mon fils, je suis très fière de toi. Tu travailles fort pour gagner cette honneur, c'est grâce à ce que tu es et que tu donnes qui te vaut cette reconnaissance. Savoure le bonheur.
Bonne semaine, Maman
Left by Maman on Oct 01, 2014 11:17 PM

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