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I have really been getting into XBOX games as of late. It is a great way to relax and my 3 year old boy loves to play as well, so we have fun! I love the sports games the best - and football is the best of the sports games for me. I got NFL Fever 2002 and 2003. I really didn't notice much of a difference between those two except 2002 has a better film introduction which is cool to watch. The packaging said that the replays of NFL Fever 2003 were better than that of 2002, but again, I really didn't notice. Then I got the latest, NFL Fever 2004. I don't often give too bad reviews on these sorts of things, but, I am very very disappointed with this game and therefore I even refuse to play it anymore and went back to playing the 2003 version (which is outstanding BTW). So what happened? A lot actually. The worst thing that happened was that the camera distanced itself from the play to show more of the field. You would think that would be cool, but it actually makes the players smaller than previous versions and makes you feel more distant from the play. I really like being right in it, but being farther out doesn't give you that feeling. This change alone made me really disappointed in the game. Then the graphics changed so that they are no longer like they are on TV. By graphics I mean the score showing and the players names, etc. Again, having the graphics like what is really shown on the TV makes you really feel like you are watching a football game. Then along with the graphics being worse, the sounds that go with these graphics is absolutely horrible and nothing like TV football. Again, disappointment. 2004 also has a new way of throwing the balls to a receiver with two button clicks - at first I couldn't stand it, but it might have been just because this isn't the control movements I was used to. Oh well. I know they want to introduce radical changes to each version of the game to show that they are progressing, but for 2004, they definitely progressed the wrong way. Hopefully it will be better again in 2005. I'll wait and see.

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# re: REVIEW: NFL Fever 2004 (XBOX)
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I thought the game was great! Deciding exactly where you want to the ball to exactly instead of just pressing a button .I would have given it 5 stars if it was my decision.
Left by jim chapman on Apr 23, 2005 4:21 AM

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The game was great .I agree with jim . Why does bill not like it.
Left by aron cook on Apr 23, 2005 4:25 AM

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