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Besides looking at the candidate's issues and how they hold a pen or something of that matter, I usually head out to their websites and take a look at the code they are putting out there as well. It do find it interesting in how and what technologies people use when using technology as a tool. My review here of Presidential code is by no means saying who you should vote for - I stay away from those conversations  - but use it as you wish - that's all!

My first stop was in Texas country!

1) Republican Candidate George W. Bush

His site was easy to find as I just typed in his name and there it was. It is quite a colorful site with a HUGE navigation structure of places to go and see what's up. If you are looking for information, then he provides a ton of it. So what is “W” running?

SERVER: Windows 2000 / IIS5.0
META TAG KEYWORDS: President George W Bush, First Lady Laura Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Bush Cheney 2004, Reelect Bush, Campaign 2004, Reelect Bush Cheney, George Bush 2004, GOP, Republican, Republican Party, Republican National Committee, George W. Bush, President Bush, White House, Dick Cheney, Bush, Cheney, Marc Racicot, Senate, House, Congress, Conservative, Political activism, 2004 Election, Taxes, Tax Relief, Bush Tax Cuts, Economy, Education, No Child Left Behind, Defense, Judicial Nominees, Protecting Social Security, Prescription, Drugs, Rx Drugs, 2nd Amendment, Homeland Security, Republican party, republican national committee, RNC, gop, republican, George W. Bush, republicans, Republican Party Platform, George Bush, George W Bush, republican platform, Republican National Convention, Bush, republican national party, national republican party, President Bush, republican national convention 2004, bush for president, Bush campaign, George W. Bush campaign, Bush 2004

I like the little JavaScript at the bottom of the page:

    var hasBeen = false;

Also funny is that you can look up your friends and neighbors in the donor database on the site ... hey guess who I found? And ...

2) Democratic Candidate John Kerry

Again, his site was easy to find - just typed in his name. One issue I had with his site is that the ISSUE button on the top of his page was missing a link to the image file and ruined the look and feel of the site - Oops. I did like the simplicity and the use of photos. Let's see what Mr. Kerry is using:

SERVER: RedHat Linux
META TAG KEYWORDS: John Kerry for President, Democrat, Homepage

Hmmmm. Open source guy - eh? Could work a little harder on the keywords Mr. Kerry.

3) Democratic Candidate John Edwards

Typing in takes you to I really didn't understand the point of that. Maybe he figures if he loses, he'll just change the year so something (Just checked - yep is taken already). His site was crowded and looked a lot like George Bush's site - all Red, White and Blue! Let's see what Mr. Edwards uses:

SERVER: Windows 2000 / IIS 5.0
META TAG KEYWORDS: John Edwards, campaign, president, 2004, senator, Democrat, official

.... old school technology (ASP.NET has been out for awhile now ... migrate!). Also, Mr. Edwards, you can work a little harder on the keywords. And finally:

4) Independent Candidate Ralph Nader

OK. I didn't get this at all! First I typed since this is what I heard mentioned on Meet the Press last weekend. Typing this in, I got a rather funny page. It seems some single person grabbed the domain and put up this funny message:

If you choose Nader as your candidate you are in essence choosing no change at all.

OK. That wasn't the page, so I typed in and it then bounced me to the Electric Voting Machine site. I didn't get why and I don't want to spend the time to find out really. Also, what is the deal with the little boy? He can't vote. Hmmmm, let's see what Mr. Nader is running:

SERVER: Apache / Linux
TECHNOLOGY: There is PHP on the box, but he used some HotMetal program to create this page.
META TAG KEYWORDS: money matters, money, money matters, financial success, trading, making money in real estate, homes for sale, houses, commodities, moneymatters, stock market trading, options trading, real estate, flat fee listings, multiple listing service, MLS, its your money, personal finance, investing, commodity trading

What the heck is with these keywords? I don't get it.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this little tour of Presidential code ... what does this tell us about the candidates? Quite a bit I think - but it isn't the only thing to look at - that's for sure.

Posted on Tuesday, February 24, 2004 11:05 AM ASP.NET , Reviews | Back to top

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# re: Tour of Presidential Code
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FYI - Plain ordinary will take you to a site that seems to be Nader's campaign page. Yes, it also seems to be PHP. (I don't have any idea what the deal is with the Electric Voting Machine. Pretty bizzare.)
Left by Avonelle Lovhaug on Feb 24, 2004 8:28 PM

# re: Tour of Presidential Code
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You could of atleast evaluated my keyword skills! :)
Left by Vote For on Feb 25, 2004 9:54 AM

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