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HAPPY Friday the 13th!

Well .... I know we are in our eighth month here of the year, but I decided to post my half-year favs of 2004 (please take the topics and post your own as well ... if you wish).

Drum-roll please .....

Fav Movie Watched
The House of Sand and Fog - This movie totally shocked me with that ending. For some reason, I found this movie very intense and the acting is SUPERB!

Fav CD
I know it is old, but I spent the first six months listening to Sugar: Copper Blue. Oh, what a great album and the best song on it is The Good Idea.

Fav Event
I was thinking TechEd 2004, but I would have to say it was the Neste Rally in Finland this year. Rally in-person and not through the XBOX is a fun way to spend the day.

Fav Drink
For some reason I got really into sipping (of course) Vana Tallinn, which is described as a dark brown strong liqueur with a mild rum taste. It is from the country of Estonia and I always bring a few bottles back with me from Estonia/Finland when I am there.

Fav Game
RalliSport Challenge 2 - what an outstanding new game. To me, the best game on the XBOX.

Fav Place (geographic location)
I travel sooooo much that just getting home to St. Charles, Missouri is my favorite place to be.

Fav Technology Played With
I have spent the last 8 months working with .NET 2.0 and most specifically ASP.NET 2.0. I LOVE ASP.NET 2.0! It has been the best thing I have seen this year.

Fav Read
I have only been reading computer books as of late and I only read ONE non-computer book this year, so I will put that down as I did enjoy it - Steven Ambrose's Band of Brothers. Saw it on paperback in the Chicago airport and grabbed it before a flight.

Fav Website
I usually hit these pages in this order: Reuters, Intellicast, CNN, USAToday,, INETA, and GeeksWithBlogs.

Fav Politician
Oh, I have to say it has been Bill Clinton. I miss him (for the pure entertainment value alone!) and was reminded of the good-ol' days with the release of his book.

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