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In a panel discussion on the BCL (.NET's Base Class Library) Future here at PDC. Pretty interesting. Some interesting tidbits:

  • The manager stated that he has been on the BCL team which started in 1997!
  • BCL 3.0 will have a better side-by-side story. MSCORLIB will load in 3.0 and you will then be able to choose which stack from other BCL versions to use. Therefore your application can use the core MSCORLIB from BCL 3.0 while using other parts of the .NET Framework from versions 1.0/1.1/2.0 etc. Interesting.
  • A guy from Microsoft's MCS Israel stated that he was confused why Microsoft was pushing so hard to their customers to use managed code while Microsoft is not using managed code for their own products. It is hard to port all those 100 million lines of code was the reason given. Then it was stated that there are good amounts of products going out the door which are managed, such as Microsoft's MSN products, the new Sparkle, and some future enterprise servers which we don't know about yet.
  • Is there somethings that shouldn't be developed in managed code? - Device drivers was the answer given
  • There will be a version 2.0 of Rotor! There will be a Rotor out paired with 2.0 that will come out about 6 months after 2.0 is released.

The future they want to see:

  • Really good support for dynamic languages
  • Want to bring back the debugging experience between managed and unmanaged
  • Want a better deployment story - they will spend some serious time on this
  • They are looking at the libraries of Ruby for inspiration for the future
  • Linq - gives us for the first time to look at a bigger chunk of work - will lead to compiler optimizations - robust threading and other types of isolation models
  • Perf - really like it to be the case when using intellisense that there is some idea what some of these methods are going to cost you. There is lots we can do. How can we do static anaylsis?
  • WinFX 1.0 - we will continue to support this and improve the experience of WinFX
  • 64-bit will get better.
Posted on Friday, September 16, 2005 10:03 AM Microsoft | Back to top

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