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After moving a branch from one TFS server to another I got the error:

"The item \$TFSProject\mylocation\myfile.cs does not exist at the specified version".

First I thought the Check in was buggy and went to another machine. And like a miracle it worked there.

Then I googled and found out that this usually relates a messed up workspace.

Especially the following link was very interesting:

But this was not my problem.
I had two Visual Studios (2008) open. 
Inside one instance I used the Team Explorer to disconnect from one TFS server and connected to another TFS server without closing the second instance or restarting VS.
I guess the TFS integration in VS got confused and was choking.

So I restarted VS and everything went back to normal.

Sometimes a simple restart does the trick. But at least I learned about how to delete your workspace :-)


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