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Well, I'm pretty fed up with Microsoft's Windows Live Dev Team.  Not that they have really done anything wrong, it's just that they haven't done anything!!!

Add new abilities to the Windows Live Messenger client with the Messenger Add-in SDK beta.
Published Friday, June 09, 2006 2:55 PM
So, it's almost been a year since MS has put out anything to support development with Messenger.  Whats the deal?? To top things off the existing Add-in sdk is crap!  While it works, it only give you access to events and methods that a kid would want.  Look at this:

That's all we get???  When MS released Live Messenger they added the Verizon Web Call support to the app.  While this has been around for almost 6 months, there is still no way for a developer to place a call with messenger from another application.  The other thing that really sucks is the current stuff will only fire off if the user's status is set to idle.  While this is good for a "Away" plugin, what if you want to do more?  You would think that would be an option for a developer to respond to the events when they want to. 

I think it would really help MS to open up the Messenger API to allow developers to integrate the ALL the communication functionality in other applications.  They are already doing this in Office, so it's obviously something they want to do, but why prevent outside developers from doing the same?  Seems it would make Messenger a more viable and necessary application if other apps wanted to use its functionality.

Just had to vent, maybe MS will get thier crap together now that Vista is out...  remains to be seen...

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