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A quick shout out to Chad Sturtz for passing this video my way.


Length: 82 minutes

Date: 1 July 2008

Location: Austin Texas

Presenter: Jeremy D. Miller



One of the things that I really liked about this video is that it shows the biggest value (IMHO) of a good users group is being able to be in the room when high level conversations are happening. 


“How do you get junior developers engaged?”

“How do insure profitability while maintaining technical excellence?”


This is all in addition to the main focus of the talk “How does design get done on an Agile project?”


Some concepts that I found interesting.


“What is the difference between a spike and a prototype?”

“What is on your design backlog?”

“What is on your refactor backlog?”

“How reversible is your design?”

“Think ahead; don’t act ahead”




Here is the original post I received from Chad Sturtz


This is a video of a presentation last week at Agile Austin 2008.  It’s titled “How does design get done on an Agile project?”  It’s 1h 22m long, but hits on very many topics; everything from how TDD/BDD comes into play, to Reversibility, to the Open Closed principle.  And, a saying that will stick with me for a very long time, “Think ahead; don’t act ahead”.


The presenter is Jeremy D. Miller (  If there’s any topic covered in the video that you’d like to hear more of his opinion on, check his blog.  Most likely he’s written about it (and written a lot, his posts are long).

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