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In recent years I have fallen in love with marketing and I'm wondering if anyone has successfully implemented a squeeze page on their GeeksWithBlogs page?


What is a squeeze page you ask?  It's a simple tool used by marketers to collect your first name, your e-mail address so that they can put you on their list and give you stuff.

People put themselves on your list because they find value in what you are saying and they want to be notified when you have more to say.



I have done some customizing of my GeekusConLivus site here with geekswithblogs but I can't figure out how to do much and I havent stumbled upon any good links to customizing my site.


Does anyone have any good links they can point me to that will show me how to customize my GeeksWithBlogs site?

Posted on Sunday, November 28, 2010 9:54 PM Con Livus , Stupid Code Tricks , Leadership | Back to top

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