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I figure it should be in bloody good fun to start off my first real post with a rant on the future of Microsoft Windows, or the lack thereof.  You see, my issue is that I have seen the preview of Windows 8 video.  It is just further evidence of the fact that Microsoft still does not “get” our issues with the OS.

I don’t need a new skin on my OS, I need new and more secure plumbing that actually works.  Don’t put the OS into tiles and call it fun.  Redesign the bloody thing to make it more secure, easier to maintain and with less updates please.

How about addressing the stupid registry and installations as a start?  Apple I am sorry to say.  Did you ever try and install say SQL Server and tell it to install on a drive other than the C drive or the default location?  The response?  Well, I will put some stuff where you want and other stuff where I want?  F U Microsoft.  If I wanted it installed on the G drive, I mean it.  And none of this crap in the registry.  If I want to uninstall something from a Mac, I simply drag the package icon into the trash.  And poof it is gone.

This is exactly how all of our UNIX installs were handled back in the day.  Everything self contained in one folder.

Get it right Microsoft, don’t just paint it with tiles.  The only good thing is that this will probably make the decisions very easy in the future. 

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