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Experience Agile Practices - Don Gray

Agile with lego! We split into teams of 6-7 people (one of which being the product owner) and worked on projects to build a lego animal, with an enclosure and vehicle (although our enclosure ended up being the vehicle. It met requirements!).

Work was split into iterations (design, build, retrospective), with a set of story cards for each rounds. Stuff like:

“It must have two legs”

“It must have wings”

“It must be have a single color”

“It must have four legs”.

Lego AnimalIt was a blast! And yes 2 of the requirements contradicted. Because that would never happen in real life! And of course on completing the first round of iterations we got a bunch of new story cards which required changing. just about everything! If only we’ed thought to ask the product owner about future plans first…

If anyone is looking to for Agile Training, I thoroughly recommend looking up Don. His webpage is here.


Inside Linq – Jim Wooley

Cooking curry

When I’ve been out drinking, I sometimes get the urge to go out for a really hot curry at the local indian restaurant. I know full well its going to be to spicy for me but I just can’t resist the challenge. See where I’m going with this?

“Inside Linq” was listed as Advanced in the convention program. And yep, it was plenty spicy, like advertised! A lot of it went over my head, I think I at least got the gist. Mostly it boiled down to an explanation of how Linq works under the covers using IEnumerable and IQueryable and how you can see this through Reflector.

My mind imploded a bit on but I think I at least got the gist. I think I’d understand the rest if I just take the time to play around a bit.

Introducing the MVVM Pattern – Brian Genisio

I haven’t done much with WPF or Silverlight yet, but I couldn’t resist looking in on this presentation because I’ve recently being investigating various User Interface patterns for a future lightning talk.

Brian’s talk gave me quite a bit of added insight on MVVM that I hadn’t picked up in my previous research, and the examples of mini code patterns used to implement MVVM. I would have liked to have attended the Open Space Brian hosted immediately on the topic immediately afterwards, but I really needed to go see that Mono presentation…

Mono, Making .NET portable – Dennis Hayes

I’ve had a soft spot for Mono ever since my lightning talk at CONDG, so it was a great opportunity to totally geek out. It was good to know that it’s a lot easier to get up and running for development nowadays and I learned that there is now a Live CD and downloading VMware. Maybe I’ll go play with Mono more sometime soon…


Open Spaces

I already raved lots about Open Spaces in my CodeMash report, so not going to say too much about it this time. One difference, I hosted my own session this time around, on Pomodoro. Predictably it didn’t quite go as I envisioned, instead of learning about how to fine tune Pomodoro, I ended up teaching about what it is and how it works which was fun. Also got to see some neat Pomodoro clients. Shame they were for the mac!

 OpenSpace Session

As with last time, credit goes to Alan Stevens for making the event work.



I think it’s safe to say I had fun:



Acknowlegement: CodeStock photos are courtesy of Alan Barber and Alan Stevens. As everyone knows all Alans are keen photographers...

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