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If you're looking to watch some new (i.e. new to you) shows on DVD (thru Netflix or whatever), here are some recommendations:

Six Feet Under: completely original and addictive, very emotional
Lost*: riveting and original storyline, good casting, marginal dialog 
Entourage: light and funny, and a nice view of what an acting career can be like 
Weeds: funny, original 
The West Wing: smart, great acting, great dialog

* I've only seen the first season of Lost, so I can't comment on anything after that.


Posted on Monday, January 22, 2007 6:54 PM all the other stuff | Back to top

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I couldn't agree more...**SPOILER ALERT** when I saw that black cloud come out of the woods, I thought I would never watch anything on television ever again. That was the worst attempt for a freak of nature. They could have shown me predator or alien and the would have been suffice. Needless to say my feelings for Lost went right down hill from there.

Entourage on the other hand, now that's a different story!!
Left by Scott on Jan 22, 2007 8:18 PM

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