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Next week (23rd March 2009) I am speaking at DevWeek 2009. DevWeek is a great conference which attracts top notch speakers (plus me – I feel such a fraud whenever I present there!). It is IMHO the best developer focused conference we have in the UK and I can’t wait to get there and soak in the great sessions + catch up with familiar faces + meet plenty of new ones.

Be warned. There is a rumour that we are being given some new toys (Flip video cameras) to play with while we are there. However don’t let that put you off saying “hi” if you see me – before you then show me how to work the camera (I’m a complete novice at all things AV).

This time around I have three sessions, each came with its own “unique challenges”:

  • WEDNESDAY 2PM: EDM, ESQL, Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Entities – confused?
    The Entity Data Model (EDM) v1 is the initial tiny step of what the product groups believe will be a significant shift in how we work with data. LINQ to Entities delivers ORM capabilities on top of EDM and also ends up competing against LINQ to SQL. This session will give a brief intro to each technology, expand on the “grand plan”, and hopefully enable you to make an informed decision when working on your own projects.
  • THURSDAY 9:30AM: SQL Server Data Services
    SSDS has the potential to completely change how you architect applications in the future. This session will look at what SSDS delivers today, how to take advantage of it in your own applications and what the future may hold.
  • THURSDAY 2PM: Developing and deploying your first Cloud Service
    In this session you will hear about the key problems that cloud computing is solving and an overview of the Microsoft cloud computing initiatives. We will take a tour of the capabilities of the Microsoft cloud platform by building and running a simple service. The sample service highlights some of the features of the platform including service management, storage, and an integrated developer experience.

I thought it would be useful to expand a little on each session – now I have just completed the slides :-)

  • EDM, ESQL, Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Entities – confused?
    In this session I plan to do a short overview of the history (and future) of ORM on Windows before going on to drill into the Entity Framework. We will be taking a look at why it is more than an ORM, what roles the EDM, Entity Services and Object Services play, the dangers of developing against an ORM and some of the warts in EF v1. I also hope to demo an alternative design tool from DevArt for constructing your EDM. Then we will round out with an overview of the Entity Framework v2 features. At the moment the plan is to do the EF v2 as ppt only – you were warned. By the end you really should have a good feel for why you might use EF v1 today (and why you might not) plus what to expect from EF v2. The session assumes you have never played with Entity Framework before but my hope is it has enough to keep you interested even if you have. (Note: I have a little poll on EF at the moment)
  • SQL Server Data Services
    This was a tricky session to prepare for (to say the least!). We first showed SQL Data Services (SDS) back in March 2008. At the time we unveiled a totally new model for storing data in the cloud – the ACE model (Authority, Container, Entity – where we store stuff “schema free”). I have lots of demos on using the ACE model. However based on feedback from early adopters we scrapped the ACE model and announced last week that we would be instead exposing out our underlying infrastructure (a super clever multi tenanted database fabric) on the end of TDS (tabular data stream). Which means my session has entirely changed! I now have a pretty decent SQL Data Services session entirely focused on the new stuff. It is ppt only as I have no access to the new bits yet - sorry. I think it still makes for a very good session. I will explain why we changed our approach, the new model, the infrastructure underneath it, the timeline for CTPs and RTM plus a glimpse at future plans. I will also contrast SDS with Windows Azure storage which I will be covering in my later session. This is a session for everyone and anyone who is considering storing  data in the cloud.
  • Developing and deploying your first Cloud Service
    This is a Windows Azure session for folks who are new to the Windows Azure Cloud OS. I will briefly talk about the Cloud before going on to introduce the Microsoft Azure Services Platform, show how to build your first Windows Azure cloud application, how you deploy it and how you integrate it with Windows Azure Storage. I will cover a reasonable amount on Storage – mostly on Tables with a little on Queues and Blobs. I will also contrast Table storage with SQL Data Services.

Hopefully that will help you decide whether to attend none, one or all of my sessions. Whatever you choose to do – please say “hi” if you read this blog and see me around. Have a great conference all.

P.S. I would encourage folks to use #devweek on Twitter whilst at the conference. An easy way of doing this is to use once you have a twitter account.

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