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I just wanted to share with folks where we are up to with the Windows Azure eBook (Check out the original post for full details)

I have had lots of great submissions from folks with some awesome stuff to share on Azure. Currently we have 16 authors and 25 proposed articles.

There is still a couple of days left to submit your proposal if you would like to get involved (see the original post ) and some topic suggestions below for which we don’t currently have authors.

It is official – I’m excited! :-)

Article Area Accepted
Wikipedia Explorer: A case study how we did it and why. CaseSetudy Optional
Patterns for the Windows Azure Platform (picking up 1 or 2 patterns that seem to be evolving) Architecture Optional
Azure and cost-oriented architecture. Architecture Yes
Code walkthrough of a comprehensive application submitted to newCloudApp contest CaseSetudy Yes
Principles of highly scalable apps on Azure Compute Optional
Auto-Scaling Azure Compute Yes
Implementing a distributed cache using memcached with worker roles Interop Yes
Building a content-based router service to direct requests to internal HTTP endpoints Compute Optional
How to debug an Azure app by with a custom TraceListener & the AppFabric Service Bus AppFabric Yes
How to host Java apps in Azure Interop Yes
Bing Maps Tile Servers using Azure Blog Storage Interop Yes
Tricks for storing time and date fields in Table Storage Storage Yes
Service Runtime in Windows Azure Compute Yes
Azure Drive Storage Optional
Queries in Azure Table Storage Optional
Getting RubyOnRails running on Azure Interop Yes
Consuming Azure services within Windows Phone Interop Yes
De-risking Your First Azure Project Architecture Yes
Designing for failure Architecture Optional
Connecting to SQL Azure In x Minutes SQLAzure Yes
Using Azure Table Service as a NoSQL store via the REST API Storage Yes
Azure Table Service REST API Storage Optional
Threading, Scalability and Reliability in the Cloud Compute Yes
Azure Diagnostics Compute Yes
5 steps to getting started with Windows Azure Introduction Yes
The best tools for working with Windows Azure Tools Author Needed
Understanding how SQL Azure works SQLAzure Author Needed
Getting started with AppFabric Control Services AppFabric Author Needed
Using the Microsoft Sync Framework with SQL Azure SQLAzure Author Needed
Dallas - just a TV show or something more? Dallas Author Needed
Comparing Azure to other cloud offerings Interop Author Needed
Hybrid solutions using Azure and on-premise Interop Author Needed
Posted on Tuesday, April 27, 2010 12:24 PM Cloud Computing | Back to top

Comments on this post: Azure eBook Update #1 – 16 authors so far!

# re: Azure eBook Update #1 – 16 authors so far!
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Anything related to PHP and Azure? If required, feel free to ask.
Left by Maarten Balliauw on Apr 27, 2010 1:04 PM

# re: Azure eBook Update #1 – 16 authors so far!
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Much appreciated offer - your blog is awesome on Azure and PhP :)
I wil be in touch
Left by Eric on Apr 27, 2010 7:31 PM

# re: Azure eBook Update #1 – 16 authors so far!
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I'll be writing about auto-scaling Azure. If I have time I'll also write about principles of highly scalable applications on Azure.
Left by Steven Nagy on Apr 28, 2010 2:05 PM

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