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I work for a big, very well known internet based company which shall rename nameless for obvious reasons, but they advertise a lot on digg and... anymore info will give them away.

Anyway, recently I was contacted by a customer threatening a lawsuit because he was not happy with our company.  When I asked what to do with the customer, I was told that threatening a lawsuit was a non-issue and that according to our Terms of Service (TOS) we're really responsible for nothing.

Later on, the department I'm in had a meeting.  We were told that a customer recently started a blog expressing dislike for some issues he had with our company and it had become very popular, garnering many comments.  We were told that a manager should be notified immediately if any customer stated they were going to blog about disliking one of our products.  When asked why a lawsuit was a non-issue but a blog is a important, we were told that lawsuits take months, don't get much publicity and because of our TOS would not survive in court, but a blog takes seconds to post and could be seen by many potential customers, causing far more long term damage.

I thought that was rather interesting, that the blogs now have more power than the legal system in the new internet based world of business.

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