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Sigh... not this again:  Captain Obvious Slate writer says desktops are dead

Really?  Again?  Because we've been hearing this for many years.  Way back in 2006 Computerworld had a article titled "Is the desktop dead?" quoting a 2005 article titled "Decline of the Desktop" and in 2008 Cnet wrote laptop shipments topped desktop.

Gizmodo had a very compelling article in 2009 declaring the death of the desktop, so why are we still talking about it in 2010?  Yes the desktop is dead, as laptops grow to 8 and 16 core cpus with 16 and 32gb of RAM and multiple terabyte hard drives and several HDMI ports for multiple monitors there will be no need to buy a faster desktop for anyone except video editors and computer geeks.  As it is very few programs require a dual core processor but quad core laptops with 4gb of RAM are already under $1000

So please, all you bloggers and writers, before you rehash last year's articles again do a search on the topic because your "BLANK are dead" article might already be dead.

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