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Recently, I was tasked with customizing a Build work flow to allow for configurable assignment of build bugs.   This is not a difficult task, however locating the proper Activity in the workflow can be a bit of an annoyance. 

There are two things which need to be done in this case.

  1. Open your Build Process Template
  2. Add an Direction = In, Type =String.  Enter a default value if you like

As show here:

This will handle the configurable portion of this request.  In the future, when this build process template is used, a Miscellaneous argument will show up for input in the Build Definiton.

Now, to get to the Acitivty which Creates the Work Item on build failure, out of the box the path should be as follows:

Run on Agent>Try Compile, Test>Compile, Test and Associate Changesets and WorkITems>Try Compile and Test>Compile and TEst>For Each Configuraiton in BuildSettings.PlatformConfigurations>Compile and Test for Configuration>If BuildSettings.HasProjectsToBuild>For Each Project in BuildsSettings.ProjectsToBuild>Try to Compile the Project>

Go into the Catch>HandleException>If CreateWorkItem> then all the way down to CreateWorkItem

On the CreateWorkItem activity, set the AssignedTo field to the argument you created earlier.

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