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Jeremy Jee
I thought it worth sharing about property overwrite behaviour because i found it confusing at first in the hope of preventing some learning pain for the uninitiated with MSBuild :-)The confusion for me came because of the redundancy of using a Condition statement in a _project_ level property to test that a property has not been previously set. What ......

This might not be news to you but for me this was a discovery i made only this week, yes how did i not know this before! So I discovered how to pin any folder to the Windows Explorer jump list on the Windows 7 task bar. Any entries in the 'Frequent' menu can be pinned using its context menu, but a folder that does not appear in the 'Frequent' menu can ......

Stepping through IWindsorInstaller implementations in web services created using the WcfFacility[1] is not as immediately accessible compared to debugging the start up of a console application. The problem when trying to do this when just pressing F5 with the web service set as a start up project is that breakpoints set in the application initialization code will not be hit because the start up code has already been run before the debugger attaches to the IIS worker process. Fortunately there is

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