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I am writing this from an internet cafe.I don't know what to write .Infact,I have been a regular reader of some of the geeks with blogs for quite along time. Just for a craze I registered ,and now ....I have to start writing . Blogging is an emotional experience,indeed.I know,many of our posts may remain unread.But still you do post .Because it gives you a kind of energy of confronting with the world.

Why most of the programming languages starts with a "Hello world " pragramme.I came to this conclusion that,each language is your  oppurtunity to call the world.Likewise this is your voice to the world .And,if the world started reconizing your voice ,it will reply "Hello You".And even if the reply hasn't come ,your journey would continue.

Salute to all my seniors,who started the journey earlier.

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