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Lots of tips are available in the net for improving .Net perfomance.There are some common practices which we often do.As everyone,knows .Net has some inherent tools with them which helps to make high perfomace applications.But it would be foolish if e rely completely on .Net framework to take care of the application perfomance.

 Some tips we often here are like avoiding loops,disposing objects after usage , usage of normal arrays instead of arraylist in order to reduce the overhead of boxing and so on....Another tip is to use for loops instead of for-each as the latter is actually creates an enumerator.For each can be used when enumaration is required.Even though .Net framework has an inbulit garbage collector ,it's adviced to dispose the objects after use,or use using blocks ,which will call the dispose method by itself.

But most of us wouldn't realize the application's being slow down ,until we face the problem.Perfoamnce would be a big headache ,when we code applications which includes technlogies like webservice,remoting or other distributed technologies etc.Hence,the first step of starting in this technologies should be by reading some of the artices regarding the perfomance issues.One of the best resource for this is here

 (Today I took print out sof some of the chapters.It would be useful to keep as a collection).Though some of the papers have been written in the period of .Net 1.0,it will be still useful. After reading all these aricles ,you would be having some confidence to face high end technologies.Also technology is changing fastly.Microsoft and others are bringing more and more methods o trap the perfomance issues.If we couldn't adopt today's technologies,things would be more complicated by tomorrow.

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