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Dear Jemimus,

Not so easy! Since this is one of the largest .Text multi-blog site, it is pretty well assumed I have a very customized version of .Text to fit the needs of a site that gets 4.5 million hits a month. This includes HTTP compression on your feeds, subdomain access to your domain (, and You solution assumes I have not made a single change to an open source project that hasn't seen an updated drop since January. Well that would be incorrect to assume. I would suggest w.bloggar as an alternative to your HTML editor or even Notepad and the administrative tools.

Side Note: This is not the best way to get information to someone hosting your free blog. If you would like to let me know of such issues, I suggest you use my email, Guess it looks like I need to post another blog ethics post.

As for Community Server, I have downloaded it, but will not be doing much with it. It is too early for such a large merge of products, so the implementation is destine to change. Once I get a personal okay from ::ScottW, I will start getting it ready for a custom installation to make sure we don't lose any features we currently have.


Jeff Posted on Monday, November 22, 2004 10:23 PM | Back to top

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