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Irwin Dolobowsky has recently taken over the XML Developer Center at MSDN with many promises of a new center for XML developers. During his self admitting 2 or 3 "first post" entry, he states a few items he is going to do to make the dev center better. This post took place a month ago, and here are some results.

  • Bring out the MVP's - Being one of the few MVP's in the area of XML, I can say that I have not been contacted on this front. I am guessing the functionality is there for this, since the other dev centers have this.
  • Bring out the Team - As I stated last week, the XML team has gone underground. Where is this team, now that Mark and Dare are gone? People were starting to understand the importance of System.Xml education with the posts from Dare and Mark explaining the different stores and APIs. It seems that since the announcement of all the cuts of functionality, the team ran for cover and hasn't looked to see if the smoke has cleared. Well it has. We know that DOM isn't dead, and don't have many options when it comes to XQuery support by Microsoft outside of SQL Server, so come on out.
  • The Latest and Greatest - It's December and the latest article posted was October. Mark's MSDN Video was posted, but that is clearly not the latest and greatest with the old content discussed. A perfect article to update is Mark's article on the System.Xml 2.0 features. This shouldn't take much time, but would be interesting to read to ensure everyone knows what isn't going to be in there, compared to what was announced at PDC and in Beta 1. Do you guys need help in this one? Maybe if you actually worked on the first point, we might be more willing to help you out.

    I am not trying to pick a fight, I just wish somethings that are said will get done.

  • Posted on Tuesday, December 7, 2004 7:12 AM .NET , Xml | Back to top

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