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I predict this will be the year of the Event! Whether it be OpenEvents or ESS, both I am a part of. One of them shall be victorious and we will see aggregators and sites publishing or subscribing to event information in a syndicated format. I also think the Atom/RSS battle will continue but people will decide to provide both because if you have one, you can easily support the other. Luckily ESS will support both so no matter who wins we are ready. This is a focus for OpenEvents as well.

Long live the Event!

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I took a look at ESS for a project that I'm working on. It looks really promising, but I don't think the schema is missing a couple of key elements: a single event often has multiple speakers (Ted Neward & Bruce Tate - Java vs. .NET, for example). Also, it would be quite helpful - especially when syndicating content - to include sponsor data.

Is the standard still evolving?
Left by Scott Bellware on Feb 01, 2005 11:16 PM

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