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Architecture. Custom Development. Mentoring. Training. Development Methodology. Launching and expanding your enterprise systems requires more than just installing the software and turning it on. That’s why at AJI Software we offer a full spectrum of expert development and consulting services for your organization.


While these words may be tossed about nearly to the point of being cliché, to us they represent a firm commitment to reaching your business goals through the effective use of technology.


With the plethora of technologies available and the complications of regulatory compliance and industry trends, choosing the right architecture is crucial to ensure success.

AJI Software is a premier software consulting and development firm committed to helping its clients identify problem areas, determine where there are gaps, and implement the appropriate solutions. Specializing in proven and groundbreaking Microsoft technologies, AJI Software offers its clients the highest level of expertise and experience.


Based in Lee’s Summit, MO, AJI Software offers the greater Kansas City area a local expert partner for SharePoint, Team Foundation Server, the .NET Framework, and Agile development methodologies. Give us a call and see what we can do to help your organization succeed.


With our proven track record of successfully delivering complex solutions, AJI Software is a partner you can count on.


Does your organization face challenges with:

  • Document Management?
  • Regulatory Requirements?
  • Collaboration?
  • Capturing Data for Useful Analysis? 
  • Having an Integrated Suite of Solutions? 
  • Document Audit Trails & Workflow Processes?
  • Line-Of-Business Integration?
  • Knowledge Gaps in Software Development? 
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