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And I have my seats!!!!!  Not just regular admission seats, but the Platinum VIP Seating.  Michelle and I have been on the Dave Ramsey plan for a little over a year now and we are totally kicking debt in the butt.  When we started, Dave was only on in KC a Christian radio station with probably 10,000 watts since I could barely pick up the station where I live.  The station dropped the show and I moved my listening to XM.  Dave kept mentioning new cities he was visiting, but never KC and why would he without a station for us to listen to.  Well in July, KCMO 710AM started his show in the 11am-2pm slot and he has been taking off here like like a storm.  Once I was crazy for trying to live debt free, now I meet people all the time working on their Total Money Makeover.  Yesterday Dave announced he was coming to KC again, first time in over a decade.  I got home as quick as I heard and and asked Michelle if we could go.  We decided on the Platinum VIP seating after some discussion.  Since we have been so into the program, we thought it would be a good anniversary gift for each other. 

The event is on May 5, 2007, but I know this city will sell out fast.  If you are in the area, I suggest you get tickets and check out his radio show.  No matter if you are debt-free or have so much debt you can't see a way out, his program can help you understand what money really is and how to life your live with money instead of letting money live your life for you. 

Register for the KC event here.

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How much are tickets to your event Dave? I listen on 1340 out of Fremont, NE. Are you ever coming to Omaha, NE?
I would love tickets for my two daughters and boyfriends, 4 of them to help get out of debt.
God bless your good work.
Kathy Graeve
304 High Street
Neola, IA 51559
Left by kathy graeve on Apr 25, 2008 11:09 PM

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