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Unless you are just looking for a case to protect your Zune, all other accessories were not shipped.  I would hope Microsoft would know that portable devices are nothing without car/home attachments.  You need to ship chargers and transmitters with the devices to the stores.  This was a lesson Apple needs to learn as well.  Every iPod I have purchased (1G, 4G, Nano) have not had adequate accessories at launch.  At least Microsoft announced what the accessories were, but with the delivery date set on most at Nov. 14, they didn't meet that goal.

  • One of the stores, OfficeMax, I visited said they Zune came via UPS and not their standard shipping service.  He said only the accessories they had which were cases were in the box.  He had no clue when they would come. 
  • Walmart was less than helpful and just stated that they didn't get them. 
  • has them Backordered for online purchases and marked Not available in stores.
  • only shows a case as an accessory, no chargers.

I have an old-school FM transmitter that works off of stereo out and not the iPod dock that would just have to get me by until I can get a real one.  I must commend Microsoft for branding all the Zune accessories with the logo, that was a great idea. 


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