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I know I have been a little Zune crazy lately, so I will tame it down after this post.  ZUNE ACCESSORIES ARE AT WALMART....

Last night when we went to Walmart to purchase some Christmas paraphernalia for our house, I walked through the electronics department as I always do now looking for Zune accessories and there it was.  The Zune car charger and FM transmitter! 

This device is average when it comes to FM transmitters and the charger cords is quite short and tightly wound in the coil so it is hard to pass of the Zune to other passengers.  The transmitter doesn't actually stick on to the device with buttons to remove like others, so it often comes unhooked from the Zune mid-song if you are moving it around.  Bad flaw in design there. 

Would I still suggest this product, yeah because if you want to listen to the Zune in a vehicle, you kind of need one.

[Update:  Yeah, I hate this product now.  Poor signal strength.  I am now using my Monster and Zune transmitter to make both these crappy tools work together for a semi-clean signal.]

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Posted on Monday, November 27, 2006 12:01 PM Zune | Back to top

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