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This past week in Kansas and Missouri, we had some terrible storms with hail and tornados come through the area.  In Olathe, we just had pea-sized hail and strong winds.  About 40  miles south of us, a few tornados landed crossing the border into Missouri.  My uncle, David Matthes, lost his entire house in a tornado as illustrated in Photos 1, 8, and 9.  He told his wife, who works in Kansas City, to stay at the office as it was getting bad.  Shortly after the call, he went downstairs and hid behind a refrigerator in the corner.  A few minutes later the tornado ripped his house completely off the foundation and scattered it a few hundred feet away.  He also lost a barn, Morton Building, and some cattle.  To understand how powerful these storms are, look at his house photos.  Also, he had a dump truck placed 50 yards away from where he parked in, where the storm lifted it across a road and placed it upright with no damage.  He wasn't hurt in this and he has insurance that will cover the damage.


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It's amazing that he was not hurt. The storm seasons have been getting longer and more intense the last couple of years and we have been taking them much more seriously than my family did when I was a kid. I guess with the Earth's climate changes we have a lot more of this to look forward to.
Left by Scott Kuhl on Mar 02, 2007 1:03 PM

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Wow - sorry to hear about the damage to his property and loss of his house, but also glad to hear he's not hurt.

I was watching all this happen on the TV yesterday and waiting to see what effect it would have in Charleston - luckily we got a lot of wind and rain with some tornado watches, but I don't think any formed and/or touched down.
Left by Lou on Mar 02, 2007 6:45 PM

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