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SVDP We had a chance to talk to Dorothy, the General Manager, and C.C., the Outreach Coordinator, from St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, who help out their community by providing low priced goods and services for their neighbors in need, so that they may live in dignity. Dorothy was a little nervous to speak with us, but as you can tell in the interview, they both did an excellent job at conveying their mission and passion for what they believe so much in.

They are by far the most technologically innovative thrift store I have ever met, with POS transactions and an excellent business model. Their primary problem is that their innovation is so unique, they are finding they need a robust, stable and scaleable framework to manage their organization. A lot of their processes are paper-based, and they find they are spending more time doing administrative tasks, when they would rather be focusing their passion and energy on the very reason they got into this in the first place. The implementation this weekend will give them a solid business application on which to continue building their organization. Since their development team was unavailable to implement their requirements, several Microsoft DE's stepped up to help them achieve their goal. They are both very appreciative of the weekend, the developers helping them out, and Microsoft as a whole. To quote C.C.... "Bill Gates is The Man!"

To find out more about their proposal, click here.


Listen to the St. Vincent de Paul Interview


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