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c4c-bar On the way home from We Are Microsoft, Doug and I determined we had to create an event in Kansas City modeled after the Dallas event.  We ran the idea by John and he was 100% on board.  One week later, we have started the site, thanks to Telligent for letting us use the Graffiti CMS product.  The name of the event is Coders 4 Charities, with the corresponding domain

What do we need?  Everything thus far, except a web site, but we are not quite ready.  First thing we need to do is lock down a date and location.  We are confident we have the location, but the date we still have to confirm.  We are hoping for late April or early May.  This should give us ample time for the weather to get better and us to find the appropriate developers, non-profits, sponsors, and volunteers. 

What can you do?  Help us get the word out!  Also, if you are a local developer to KC, get your team together, either with your business or with your friends and start thinking of the Project Management style you are using for the event.  Remember you will only have 48 hours (Friday at 3pm to Sunday at 3pm) to code so having everything planned will definitely help.  Keep in mind you will most likely want a graphics person and data person on your team to help offset the areas you are not 100% confident in and could slow you down.  If you can't get a team together, you will be appointed one before the event based on your skills and the skills of the other members, so no worries there.

More details to come, but go ahead and subscribe to The Official Blog for Coders 4 Charities, where we will be posting more information about the event as we get it.

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