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gwb_finalSome of you have probably seen the new logo on our shirts that we gave out at the MVP Summit or on a few of my posts and wondered what is going on.  We we are in the process of redesigning the community portal (currently just a homepage) of the site to allow readers and visitors of the site to learn more about who our bloggers are and what topics are of interest.  With this redesign comes the a new look.  This means we are killing the Green Monster.  Sad day for me when we go live, but it had to be done.  However, while I am on the subject of go live, it will happen soon.  Michelle and I are expecting in late June/early July so I want to get everything done before them.  Wish me luck.

The main purpose of this post is to give you a look at what we are working on and tell us what you think.  This page was a fun one and many people are shocked at the size of the blogger cloud, but try it out and let me know what you think.  Also, try it on the other browsers you have and take a screen shot if you have problems.  The sort order is based on recent posting and the size is on the amount of posts total.

Click Here For A Preview

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