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3G-MicroCell Even though this week has been a bear for me dealing with AT&T support for DSL service and after 4 hours on the phone with their support team trying to get to the place where I can connect to their service again, I am still happy with the new product I introduced into our house, the 3G MicroCell.  The 3G MicroCell is a mini cell-tower for your house that generates a stronger 3G signal for you while going over your DSL/Cable modem to connect back into the AT&T network. 

Why did we get it?

After reviewing our phone situation in the house, we have came to the conclusion that we didn’t need some of the home phone features we were using if we had a solution for in-house unlimited calling.  We keep unlimited data and texting on our iPhones already, but our minutes would be limited if we turned off the nationwide long distance plan we had on our phone.  We were really tired on chasing down cordless phones all the time, making sure they were charge while the whole time, our cell phones were on attached to us. 

Does it work?

Our house is pretty wide open, but it does extend the suggested limit.  I placed the MicroCell in the location where we spend the majority of our time and also central to the other places we work and live.  Michelle has been baking a lot of cakes lately so we needed the ability to have it reach her kitchen and I needed full strength in my office.  The MicroCell has definitely been able to make that happen.  Outside, we are back on the 3G network, due to the concrete walls we have framing our house.  Even our Wireless-N signal has trouble breaking through to the outside.

Am I being ripped off?

Some people say it is a rip off to pay AT&T to use your DSL to take the load off their network, but you aren’t really taking the load off anything else than the cell towers because all your traffic is going to their core network via VPN.  The fact is I was able to turn off our $20/month unlimited long distance plan on our land line and turn on the $20/month unlimited calling plan on our phones while we are using the MicroCell.  Since the landline is pretty much dead and most our calls in and out are made via our cells, we are definitely seeing a benefit in how we communicate with each other and the outside world. Since our home phone is pretty much unused now, we took all the bells and whistles off the line and will keep it around for a few more months until everyone gets used to calling us on our mobile phones, then in the end we will nuke the service and MicroCell will have started to save us money.  Some reviewers say it does not replace the home phone, but I just haven’t seen the same things they have.  Time will tell.

Would I suggest it to a friend?

If you want the unlimited calling or you want the ability to have stronger signal in your home, absolutely.  You can trying it out and I believe with-in 30 days return it if you don’t like it.  It is very easy to setup and after some minor tweaks with your router (placing it in the DMZ was suggested) you can get the most out of the device. 

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I tried a microcell. It was saposedly perfect in our area and they said they never had one returned. After 3 days off and on with tech sapport my husband and I got into a huge argument and took it back. We got stuck with fees for soemthing they admitted was a problem on thier end when we returned it and then I got into an arguement at the att store because I don't think I should be charged for something that didn't work. I feel totally lied to and I'm back to square one. They will not work for everyone and I found out after I bought it we are not the only people in our area that couldn't get it to work!
Left by Mechelle Mortenson on Jun 28, 2010 2:26 PM

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