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The GWB Staff of Geeks blog recently posted a request to see your desk, so it would only be fair if I should my workspace as well.  This is my desk at home.  Since my full time job is a consultant, I need a good place to work when clients allow me to work remotely.  The GWB HQ is about 45 minutes from my house so I tend to do most of my work at home.  Here is a photo of where I work.  WARNING: Lots of partially eaten fruit products on my desk.



From the left:

  • MacBook Pro 15in with 27in monitor attached | Uses: Photos, Music, Video Editing, Notes, Chat
  • (HP 27in Display for MacBook Pro 15)
  • Below the display, MacBook Air 11in | Uses: Email, Music, Blogs, Office Apps, Remote Office Work
  • (Apple 24in Display for MacBook Pro 17)
  • MacBook Pro 17in with 24in monitor attached | Uses: DEVELOPMENT!, Task Management, Hours Tracking, Pomodero, Podcasts, Graphics Editing
  • iPad with Horizontal Mount | Uses: Apps Galore, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Remote Office Communication, Video Playback


  • Magic Mouse (2)
  • Ol' school Mac Wireless Mouse
  • Wireless Mac Keyboard (2)
  • Microsoft Natural Keyboard
  • Zune HD
  • Coffee Mug
  • Whole House FM Transmitter (For audio playback through any home stereo with a radio, amazing)

Well that is where my work gets done, now let us see where you work!

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